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Qualities of The True Self

Published on 7th May 2019

A couple days ago, I sat thinking about, how much we have normalized the signs and symptoms of being out of alignment with our True Selves.

We all know what being out of alignment or outside of our selves feels like, not good. This ‘not good feeling’ is purposeful in helping us to navigate back to our natural state of feeling good, by making the required changes, within ourselves.

Anger, frustration, stress, scarcity, indecisiveness, hate, unforgiveness and any type of dis-ease are NOT normal states. They are in fact, our Being’s way of letting us know how much we have strayed from our true essence.

These dis-eased indicators are not meant to be managed and kept under control. Instead, they are meant to be used as sign posts, helping us to steer our way back home, to our True Selves, which is always joyful and light.

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