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Some of Us are Still Figuring it out…

Published on 7th August 2019

Give yourself a break, cut yourself some slack, stop being so hard on yourself, if you are still figuring it out. It might be your calling, a career, your finances, a relationship, yourself or life.

You are probably beating yourself up thinking that it's about time you had your life together because of your age or because everyone else seems to have it together or because other people are asking.

Remind yourself that you are uniquely you and you are not a cut and paste version of anyone else and your process is your process.

Allow yourself to be okay with where you are now and your journey thus far. Every step you have taken and decision you have made was and is an important part of your journey.

There is no pre-determined time frame or mandatory directive for you to do anything.

When you release yourself from the obligation and expectation that your life should be anything other than what it is, you free yourself from the unnecessary burden you are carrying around.

Eventually, on your own terms, you will begin to get clearer about your path and know intuitively what steps you need to take, to live the life you were meant to live.

Give yourself the time and space to tune more deeply into your heart. Follow the things that bring you joy and cause you to light up. Explore and learn about different things and have fun with life.

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