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Unexpected Packaging

Published on 24th May 2019

Sometimes, what we desire is presented in a package or form that is foreign to us. The packaging is sometimes very different to what we expect.

What we expect though, is always based on the body of information we currently possess, which is ultimately determined by our body of experiences. 

However, I'm sure you will agree that beyond your current body of information and experiences, there is an extensive degree of things you are yet to know and yet to experience.

The fact is, we live in a infinite Universe, which is unlimited in its possibilities and offers us more than we can imagine. 

This is why, restricting ourselves to only what we already know, or choosing to see life from one dimension, robs us of the opportunity to receive new insights and prevents us from experiencing uncharted terrains.

I believe that our desires are always being answered but sometimes, it's overlooked because it doesn't perfectly match the expected packaging. 

If however, we choose to let go of our limited ideas and notions of what we think life should be, we then open ourselves to the amazing opportunity, to access the infinite potentiality of a life, far beyond what we could ever dream of or ask for. 

Remember, if your gaze is fixed, solely in one direction, you just might miss the magic happening all around you.

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