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Yes You Can

Published on 24th November 2019

Do you remember when you were about 4 or 5 years old and everything seemed possible? You felt unstoppable, everything was doable, there were no limits in your mind as to what you could do. Whatever you wanted, you simply went after it?

You wanted to dance, so you did. You wanted to sing, so you did. You wanted to swing, so you did exactly that. You wanted a snack from the counter, so you elicited the help of everyone around you to get it. No matter what you wanted to do, you found a way to do it. Do you remember?

Do you remember the time when absolutely nothing was impossible for you?

If I told you that that same little boy or girl, you just recalled, is still very much a part of who you are and the same essence of knowing that you have the ability do anything still exists within you, would you believe me?

Possibly not, but it’s all true. That unstoppable, anything is possible, I can do it person is actually the true you, the real you. And the only reason why you may not believe me, is due to a case of temporary amnesia. You have forgotten the truth of who you are.

You see, while growing up, the adults in our lives, who did their very best to keep us safe and worked hard to protect us, told us things like, "No you can’t do that." "Don’t do that." "That's impossible." "That’s too dangerous." "We can’t afford it." "That’s not for you." And because we wanted to be good little boys and girls, we believed them and obediently followed what was told to us.

I’d like to state here that by no means am I blaming our guardians, not at all, because they simply did what they believed was best for us. Instead, what I’m highlighting is, one of the reasons why we developed temporary memory loss and why we forgot how amazing and powerful we truly are.

Repetition and consistency are the keys to mastery, and this applies to everything. As such, because we were repeatedly and consistently told the same things about who other people thought we were, over a period of time, we eventually believed it to be true.

You see, a belief is an absolutely powerful phenomenon. A belief is defined as an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. This means that a belief does not necessarily have to be factual.

Once our subconscious mind accepts an idea as true, it becomes a belief. This belief then becomes the framework for which we see ourselves and the world and determines how we show up in the world. This is why Henry Ford’s quote, “If you think you can, you are right and if you think you can’t you are also right,” perfectly captures the essence and power of a belief.

Question? Do you see yourself as a Creator?

I’ll go ahead and answer for you. Yes, you are. As a matter of fact we all are.

As creators, we are, continuously bringing ideas, thoughts and experiences into our physical existence. And as a Creator, you have special tools you use, to help you create and produce your works of art.

Your tools of creation include your beliefs/thoughts, your words and your actions. Your main tool, however, is your belief as they determine your thoughts, words and actions.

We all get to create any experience we desire, using our tools. The challenge is however, we often find ourselves creating situations and experiences we do not want and seldom create the ones that we do want.

For instance, we find ourselves in jobs we don’t like, in relationships that do not serve us, with friends who do not support us etc. etc. etc. We have successfully mastered the art of creating what we don’t want, and this is as a direct result of the quality of the tools in our toolbox.

As previously, mentioned, as children, we adopted certain beliefs about life that may have once served us but as we grew and garnered our own experiences and understanding about life, those beliefs become limiting. Essentially, they are unable to help us create the lives we dream of and desire.

For example, if we have a core belief which says that we don’t have what it takes to start and run a successful business, well, that’s exactly what we will create or experience. We may manage to get it started but will forever struggle with running it successfully. This is as a result of the dominating belief. fueling the experience.

The absolutely beautiful thing about your tools of creation is that you get to change them, when they are no longer in alignment with who you are choosing to be and when they retard your growth and expansion, instead of support it.

At one point in your life, the beliefs you held, the thoughts you shared, the words you spoke and the actions you took may have served you. However, as you grow and expand as a being, you naturally outgrow them and need to change them as a result. It is similar to outgrowing the clothes you once wore as a child. At some point you must replace them.

How do you then go about changing your tools of creation, so that you create what you actually want?

First, by becoming aware of your core beliefs.

Awareness is one of your greatest assets in life. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of our beliefs. It is said that approximately 90-95% of our total mind power is unconscious, which means that most of us are unaware of why we think the way we do and why we do the things we do.

One way of becoming aware of your limiting beliefs is by becoming aware of your thoughts and curiously asking yourself what lies beneath the surface. For instance, perhaps you have been wanting to get your business started for a while now, but just can’t seem to move beyond what you wrote on paper more than 2 years ago.

Simply ask yourself, what are my beliefs about being a business owner? What are my beliefs about business? Allow whatever comes into your awareness to show itself to you. The first response is usually the right one.

You may also get clues about your beliefs based on the popular beliefs of your parents or family members about the issue. Once you identify the limiting beliefs you then get to change them.

How? By creating new limitless beliefs that will replace the old limited ones. A limitless belief is characterized by its expansive and vast nature, where everything becomes possible.

Using the example above. If you identified a limiting belief that says, 'I don’t have what it takes to be a successful business owner because no one in my family has ever been in business.' You can replace this unserving, false belief with, 'I am more than capable of being a successful businessperson, and I will be the first in my family to have a thriving business.'

By changing your mental rhetoric, you are taking back the wheel to your life. You are now feeding your sub-conscious with new information that is serving and beneficial to you, which will inevitably affect the results in your life.

A word of advice.

It is important to note that your old beliefs have been embedded from a tender age, it sometimes takes a while to re-configure the sub-conscious with new information and therefore repetition and consistency is very important in re-iterating your new belief.

This is where an affirmation becomes extremely useful. An affirmation is essentially a statement of your truth that you affirm to yourself. It helps you to remember your truth, especially when faced with situations that appear contradictory.

We are constantly affirming things in our lives, mostly negative and unserving, such as, ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘I am unable to get things right.’ Because we now know the power of our thoughts and words, we should always choose positive affirmations, so that we get more more of what we actually want.

Using the business example above, a daily affirmation you can use is, “Everyday in every way I am becoming a successful business owner, with a thriving business.” The keys to successful affirmations are saying them in the present continuous, always using positive words and consistently using them. Over time your sub-conscious mind will accept the new truth and assist you in producing the results you desire.

Affirmations are powerful by themselves but of course, supported by a strategic action plan, skills and resources, will ensure that you manifest your heartfelt desires.

Uncovering and harnessing the real you, who is, by your very nature unstoppable, can do anything and knows everything is possible, is right within you, waiting to be remembered and activated.

We live in a world where possibilities are literally endless and limitless, the only deterrent to what is possible for you and your life is you. You have all the resources you need within you and all the support of the Universe available to you, to live an extra-ordinary and magical life.

For the times you experience a lapse in memory, of how powerful brilliant and divine you are, remind yourself of the fact that the same intelligence that created the magnificent heavens and the earth, the mountains, planets, rivers and oceans is the same intelligence that courses through you now.

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